Know More About Startup

These are the kinds of questions every job seeker needs to ask him or herself when choosing which companies to apply to. Here’s what to consider about working for a startup, small business, corporation or nonprofit organization.

To many job seekers, especially those who are just entering the job market, working for a startup sounds like an exciting opportunity — and it is. You get to help build a company from the ground up, and you’ll be able to see the impact of your contributions as the business grows. If you want to live and breathe your work, and have a real say in the company’s future direction, you’ll likely thrive in a startup setting. The risks are high, but if — and that’s a big “if” — the company takes off, the rewards are even higher.

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“You’re going to want to be comfortable with self-direction, taking your own initiative and learning on the fly,” said Adam Simpson, CEO of business phone service Easy Office Phone. “Progressive startups actively encourage an environment that encourages employees to explore and find their most productive and fulfilling ‘zone,’ and with that generally comes less rigid structure.”

Job seekers “who have an entrepreneurial spirit are better suited for a job in the startup scene because they have the creativity and drive that’s necessary in order to take a startup to the next level,” added Dr. Katherine Cohen, a LinkedIn higher education expert and founder of education consulting firm IvyWise. However, “startup employees generally work longer hours and have more independence. That environment is not going to be a good fit for someone who has poor organizational skills and needs to be heavily managed in order to get work done.”