Action = Closing The Deal For CMR Sales Funnel

Use the CRM sales forecasting report to track the progress of deals in the sales pipeline. Evaluate each deal’s estimated close date and probability of closing. If a deal is not likely to close, you can determine the reasons and identify possible solutions to help close the deal.

Evaluate the effectiveness of your sales funnel and the CRM process. Determine where deals are getting stuck or being canceled. Use the CRM’s stage duration analysis feature to determine the length of time a deal spends at each stage of the funnel. Look at your historic data on successful and failed deals to calculate the likelihood of closing a deal. Publish reports to identify which sales reps are closing at lower rates.

For example, a sales funnel analysis report enables you to compare the number of closed deals to how many deals you had projected to close. This can help you to prepare and improve upon results when closing deals in the future.

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Once deals have either been won or lost, use metrics in the CRM to uncover valuable insights into your results (e.g., win rate, average sales cycle, conversion rate of leads). This will enable you to review activities that worked best and determine which activities had poor results.

When deals are lost, record the customer’s data and the reason you lost the deal so you can follow up later. This will help you identify ways to overcome those reasons in the future. It might also provide an opportunity to approach the lead in a different way. You can also update the CRM to remove leads with low or no opportunities for closing, saving you the time and money of pursuing uninterested prospects.

Key takeaway: CRM software is invaluable for automating many tasks at each stage of the CRM funnel. Contextualized lead data helps sales and marketing teams convert leads to customers.